Olivella is in the Centre of the Garraf Park, and among vineyards and palms one finds this picturesque town of little more than 3,000 habitants. The district of Olivella consist of the village, several country houses and six urbanisations. The village is situated on a small hill (Puig Cabot 211 m) and its house are grouped around the new church. Olivella has a rich variety of festivals and traditions, as well as the possibility of enjoying excellent Catalan cuisine, all within a setting of natural peace and quiet and beautiful unique scenery.


  • You can walk around in de village, it’s pretty small. To get there you’ll need a car.

See / Do

  • Enjoy the ride to Olivella, you drive along vineyards.
  • De old village and church are nice to see and walk around.
  • There are several old country houses.
  • Palau Novella Museum. It’s a remarkable building of eclectic style attributed to the architect Manual Comas Thos. Currently owned by the Sakya Tashi Ling Buddhist community, which organises relaxation, yoga, tai chi and meditation workshops and talks about Buddhism. See Link
  • Have lunch at Gabriels in the old city centre.


  • Wine an dine in restaurants (Gabriel)
  • Souvenirs (in Palau Novella)