Fiesta Mayor 2013

August 21st – 27th. “Festa Major de Sitges”. Sitges’ main Annual Fiesta in Honour of “Sant Bartomeu”, The Town’s Patron Saint.  There is an amazing fireworks display on the 23rd, centered around Sitges Church. Watched by many, along the beach and also on the water, via a troupe of boats.

A wide range of events and festivals celebrating the Catalan Culture. With:
– Impressive human castles/pyramids (castellers ) Often 6 people high with a small child at the top
– Giants, capgrossos (carnival figures with big papier-mâché heads)

in the center and all over Sitges town (shopping area/square).

Along with fire-breathing beasts and ancient dances like the diables (devils), bastons (stick dance), gitanes (gypsies), cercolets or moixiganga, among others.

With numerous processions around the town’s streets, a spectacular fireworks display from the Baluard (Bastion), the 6 o’clock matinal (early morning performance) the next day, solemn mass, processions, open-air dancing and sardanes (traditional Catalan dance).

Fiesta Mayor – Festa Major 2013 | Sitges Events.